Pawanmuktasana For Stomach Gas Problems

by Saba Singh
(Hyderabad, Telangana, India)

I was constantly suffering from stomach gas formation. My condition was really bad because I was always feeling bloated and with a heavy stomach. Though wind relieving medicines were effective on temporal basis, I was getting used to them. I had a growing feeling that I am becoming addicted to medicines. I did not have any clue on how to get out of this situation. Some of my friends suggested walking, and other such exercises, but it required a lot of commitment. I wanted something to do from my home. Nothing seemed okay to me. So I started searching for alternative medications which may help me. During my search I came across same question on a website about yoga exercises to reduce gas formation. I really liked the way the author has explained the reason of gas formation and 2 basic asanas which can be done from home. I was so desperate that I thought of giving a try for pawanmuktasana yoga. But then knowing about an asana and doing it correctly were two different things. While I found many articles on doing pawanmuktasana, I was never clear on the process of doing it. So I thought of shortlisting few articles and videos which would help me learning pawanmuktasana. The information was too much though, I shortlisted few of them.

Wind Relieving pose
Video on pawanmuktasana

I read the articles and watched the videos several times to clear all my questions. Then it was practicing time. Initially I was doing it for 2 times a day for a week. Then I started increasing the frequency and also added Balasana and Vajrasana in my daily routine. Believe me, in 6 weeks I started feeling the difference. I must say I lost 2-3 weeks to do it more seriously. I feel so relieved now. I may not say that doing yoga is a solution to unwanted stomach gas, it helped me a lot in controlling the condition. Finally, I will bring in additional tip of maintaining austerity in your food habits which is extremely critical to solve any stomach problem.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my story.

Saba Singh

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