by zunaira
(lahore pakistan)

Hello, I want to reduce my weight with in a month. My weight is 75 kg. Actually I reduced my weight last year with yoga but after that again put on more weight. My problem is fat on tummy, arms, face and upper back. I am getting married within in 2 months. Kindly tell me some poses step by step which I can try at home. I want to look good on my wedding day. Please help me. Reply soon.


Hello Zunaira

Ideally it is recommended to lose weight gradually with the help of yoga by changing the lifestyle. Aim for a gradual weight loss. As you have already reduced weight once by doing yoga, it should be comparatively easier for you to reduce weight.

Here are some tips for you:

1. Reduce Calorie Intake As you must be aware, you can only reduce weight if you reduce your calorie intake. Do more of yoga and any other exercises, eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Most of the calories in your diet must come from easily digestible and nutritious sources. (Fruits, vegetables, raw salads, nuts, milk, whole grains). Fruits and vegetables you can eat in plenty.

2. Rock Solid Determination. The weight loss will directly depend on your determination in controlling your eating and doing regular exercise or yoga.

3. Diet.
~ Strictly avoid any sugar intake. Avoid tea and coffee. Even if you want to drink some tea, preferably drink green tea without adding any milk or sugar.
~ Strictly avoid any junk food, soft drinks, packaged juices or processed food.
~ Drink lime juice and honey
on empty stomach.
~ Eat only fruits or vegetables for breakfast.
~ Finish your dinner as early as possible. Have light dinner and sleep early.
~ Do not fry your vegetables, eat boiled vegetables.
~ Do not skip meals, eat low calorie foods in sufficient quantity so that you do not feel the urge for binge eating.
~ Drink plenty of water throughout the day especially to ward of the feeling of hunger.

4. Yoga and Exercise. You must do one and half to two hour of yoga practice at least six days a week. Your practice can consist of one hour of yoga asanas, half an hour pranayama and 10 minutes for relaxing in shavasana or doing yoga nidra. In the end do meditation for 20 minutes.

5. Yoga for Weight loss Yoga for weight loss and effective exercises for weight loss are as brought out in the following links:

Yoga For Weight Loss
YogaExercises for Weight Loss

6. In addition, you can do surya namaskars before starting yoga. Initially start with 6 rounds and gradually increase to 30 or 40 rounds.

7. For still better weight loss and expend more calories, supplement your yoga and dieting with brisk walk for an hour in the evening or if possible play some game say badminton.

8. Follow these guidelines and you achieve proportionate and uniform weight loss from your body.

9. My best wishes for your forthcoming marriage and hope you meet your weight loss goals.

With warm regards

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