My Personal Experience.

by Bharti Murlidhar
(Ftv. Canary Island ( Spain ))

I am Resident of Spain and had been practicing yoga since 4 years. But I was not happy with the results. The reason was my irregular habits. I had many health issues the worse being severe sciatica pain. I suffered for two years. I went for different massage therapies in Spain but none of them really worked. Two years before my children forced me to go to India to get a good treatment for my health issues, I was facing.

I went to various hospitals and after having all my tests including( MRI ) I was told by my doctor that it was a severe problem and I have to undergo surgery. I kept telling my doctor that I do yoga but doctor said yoga will make your bones strong it will not fill in the space in your back. The cost of the surgery was approximately Rs. 3,00000. I was upset for a few days and was under doctors treatment. But in my mind surgery was not the only option. After doing research online I decided to join a 7 days health camp at The Yoga Institute Mumbai. When I entered the Institute I felt warm. The Institute was surrounded by strong positive energy. It made me feel content inside. I met Madam Hansaji and consulted her about my health issues and told her about the doctor's suggestion. She just smiled and said leave the doctors, start doing Pawanmukta asana and start having light and early dinners.

After the 7 days camp I walked out of the Institute totally a different person. The power of Yoga changed my life. I not only changed my food habits but I changed my attitude towards life, people and myself. At the age of 58 years, I started doing yoga regularly. It made me feel happy and healthy. After one year again I went to India and did Teacher Training course. Now I am a certified yoga teacher. Yoga is something to experience.

Now I want to dedicate my life for people who are suffering like I was, until I was blessed with the knowledge of yoga.

I have learned from my own experience, our own mind binds us and liberates us. I am living a much better life have become my own doctor. One more thing has affected my life, deep breathing. It has done wonders in my life because I've got rid of sinus. Yoga teaches to live in the present which I am already living, no nervousness, no anxiety, Only Happiness and fun. If you want to see the change in others - Be a role model !!.

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