Migraine and Anulom Vilom Pranayama

by Arun
(Erode, Tamil Nadu, India)

Hello Sir, I am Arun and I am suffering from migraine for past 5 months. My age is 30 years. I was told by one yoga teacher to do anulom-vilom to get rid of migraine. After a few days of doing anulom-vilom, my headache was reduced, it was true.

Now, the problem is reversed headache intensity is high after doing anulom-vilom when compared with not doing anulom-vilom a day.

Headache was continued throughout the day, this is also true. Hope I am making a mistake in anulom-vilom( I am doing only anulom-vilom, no other pranayama).

For the last two days, I am not doing any pranayama or any other yoga.

My pranayama practice -
Sit in Vajrasana Postion and do Anulom-Vilom
Left Inhale - 2.5 secs Approximate
Right Exhale - 2.5 secs
Right Inhale - 2.5 secs
Left Exhale - 2.5 secs


Morning (15 - 20 mins)
Afternoon (15 - 20 mins)
Night (15 - 20 mins)

Let me know if I am doing any mistake. Would be grateful to you, if you reply me.




1. I read your question very carefully and found that you may be making mistakes while doing Anulom-Vilom. Actually you should learn Pranayama from an experienced yoga teacher.

2. Preparation for doing Pranayama:
~ Sit in any of the meditative yoga pose Vajrasana, Padamasana, Sukhasana or Sidhasana.
~ Keep your back and neck straight.
~ Keep your eyes closed and keep you left hand in Pranav Mudra.

3. Procedure for doing Anulom-Vilom:
Left Inhale - 3 secs
Right Exhale - 6 secs
Right Inhale - 3 secs
Left Exhale - 6 secs

4. First, practice in the prescribed time limit and then gradually increase the inhale time to 4 seconds and exhale time to 8 seconds.

5. Inhalation and exhalation must be at a continuous rate and it must be a smooth, continuous and relaxed process.

6. It is recommended that for 3-4 weeks you practice anulom vilom once a day only, preferably in the morning on empty stomach. After practicing anumom vilom pranayama once a day for 3-4 weeks, you must start feeling better. Thereafter, you can do anulom vilom pranayama twice a day, once in the morning and once in the eveming.

7. Read the following precautions and guidelines for pranayama.
guidleines for pranayama
precautions for pranayama

8. After pranayama practice lie down in shavasana for 5 minutes.

9. During the day try to stay relaxed and avoid any kind of stress.

10. In case you need further clarification, follow up on your question by adding a comment to this page or contact me through contact us page.

Hope this helps.


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May 03, 2017
by: Anonymousy

You are doing too much anulom vilom. You have to do maximum 15 minute anulom vilom once a day not more than this. We you want to do more than you have to deal guidance from yoga instructor. Second anulom vilom should be done slowly so that if some one is sitting near by you than we he should not hear your breathing sound. Without doing asans we can allow to do only limited pranayam.

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