by Sudnyan
(Pune, India)

I am a doing Pranayama and Meditation as per steps mentioned in your website. When I do the pranayama lots of thoughts comes in my mind spontaneously. Also lot of pictures comes before my eyes thus it disturbs my pranayama. Please suggest what to do?

S S Daware


These thoughts are fluctuations of your mind or release of emotions. With regular practice you will find improvement. Aim for gradual improvement with regular practice.

While practicing pranayama try to concentrate on the breathing. Once your practice grows and breath becomes deep and rhythmic, you will find that your concentration on pranayama increases.

Meditation will also help to reduce the fluctuations of mind. In the beginning be watchful of your thoughts, do not stop them and also do not react to them. Just be a active observer, over a period of time your thought train will become steady and you will get fewer thoughts.

Along with asanas and pranayama, following will help to concentrate better.
~ Adopt yogic lifestyle
~ Eat satvik diet
~ Keep your emotions under control and practice moderation in eating, drinking and sleeping.
~ Read Gita or any other spiritual books. Satsang, company of like minded spiritual persons also helps.

Hope this helps.

With warm regards

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Dec 29, 2011
Dnt worry
by: Anonymous

Let it be happen, only watch, like audience, one day u will find out every thought will be wash from your mind, just a silence and no mind is there, its not so simple to understand but don't worry. Go ahead

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