Learning Yoga To Become Yoga Teacher

by Sonia

I was going through your Yoga for beginners website. I love to be fit and have a keen interest in physical activity, though I am not much informative about this career. I have currently done Business Administration in Human Resources. However, I’ve always had a hidden interest to be fit trying to loose weight, go to gym or do exercises. Physical activity is important to me because I have a body that gains weight very easily and its genetic. So, I always have had an interest in being fit and eating healthy.

I want to change my career as I want to do something in life that I enjoy doing anytime. I like to do stretching, do some yoga, do breathing exercises, go on treadmill, research on healthy foods. I am weak on doing weights though but do want to learn them.

Please guide me and suggest me if I am on the right path. Physical fitness is hard, if I understand it but I am definitely interested in it. I’m not sure how I should asses what kind of fitness career I should opt.

I would really appreciate if you could take the time to read my email and reply to me.

Thank you


Your interest in fitness is good and I have few suggestions for you. There are two options for you:
~ First option is to leave everything else and become a fitness trainer or yoga teacher.
~ Second option is to continue with your present career and side by side improve your fitness in one to two years so as to get trained as a yoga teacher.

I think second option is better for you as it gives time to you to review your decision. You will also come to know whether decision to become a yoga teacher is an impulsive decision or well thought decision. Also, for becoming yoga teacher regular yoga practice and moderation in eating, drinking and sleeping is essential.

Therefore, I suggest you continue with your present career. Meanwhile, join a yoga class and experience benefits of yoga yourself. Regular yoga practice will help to improve your health. Once you feel you like to do yoga and will love to teach yoga, join any yoga teachers training course and after that start teaching yoga. Subsequently, you can also do various other courses i.e nutrition, psychology, yoga therapy, hypnosis, acupressure etc to complement your yoga teaching.

Becoming a yoga teacher is a great opportunity to get into good shape, realise your true self and teach others.

All the best.


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