High BP And Sciatica Problem

by Gulshan

I have been suffering from disc bulge as the gap has been reduced at L3,L4.L5 vertebrates due to which I developed sciatica in my left leg. I cannot walk more than 5 minutes at a stretch. After that the pain in the leg starts again. I sit for a while, stretch my leg and then start again.

Also, I am overweight and suffering from high bp. What are the safe asana and pranayama which I can adopt to cure the problem of disc, high bp and obesity.
Please give me a solution to my problem. There are some asans which can be done to reduce your weight but not in disc and bp problems. Please suggest me the common asans and pranayama that I can do safely to cure all the problems.

Till such time there is pain and sciatica nerve is getting pressed, no exercise can be done. You can do anulom vilom if you can sit comfortably. If you cannot sit, do rhythmic breathing while lying down in shavasana.

Weight loss is another focus area for you. Therefore, get a diet chart made from dietician. Restricting your food intake is the best method to lose weight.

Regarding the yoga sequence, as your condition improves, seek help from a yoga teacher to customize a yoga sequence for you. For sciatica relief, progress is very slow and lot of patience will be required. Here are some considerations:
~ In the beginning do warm up exercises (no forward bending), thereafter do asanas.
~ Do not do any forward bending asanas
~ Gentle back bends and spinal twists poses, initially do under supervision
~ You can do any pranayama except kapalabhati, suryabhedi and bhastrika
~ You can sit in any meditative pose for pranayama
~ Doing meditation will also help

Hope this helps

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