High Blood Pressure and Pranayaama

I am a BP patient and daily taking BP tablet LOSAR H. Now I am doing pranayama daily 20 minutes. Shall I continue doing paranayama? Some people guided me that blood pressure patients should not do pranayama. Please clarify.


Using yoga as a therapy is not like allopathic medicine where same medicine is given to every body. Therefore we cannot generalise whether pranayama is good for high blood pressure or not.

Management of high blood pressure will depend on a persons present health, diet, activity levels and stress levels. Unless the underlying causes are removed, neither yoga asanas or pranayama can cure hypertension.

If you have learned pranayama you can carry on doing it. Do not do surya bhedi, kapalabhati and bhastrika pranayama. Sleep on time and get up early in the morning and do yoga and pranayama.

You can do more of anulom vilom, rhythmic breathing, ujjayi and bhramri pranayama. At the end of yoga practice, take rest for 5 minutes in shavasana and also do yoga nidra 2-3 times a week.

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Sep 18, 2019
Yoga for happiness
by: folk

Very good source of information shared.Thanks for sharing the information.

Jun 24, 2016
High Blood Pressure and Yoga
by: Mahmood

I am a stroke survivor. My uncontrolled high pressure resulted in a series of brain strokes. With the regular doctor-prescribed medicines, diet control (reduced sodium), life style changes, meditation, prayers, and simple yoga exercises have helped to manage my high blood pressure and anxiety. Thank you very much for yoga tips. Regards.

Editors Note
Thanks for your appreciation. Take care..

Warm regards

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