Heart Problems

by Jadav

Sir, I am having heart problems. Daily I am doing yoga 1hr in morning and evening since last 2 years. Please let me know despite of doing all this thing why i am not getting relief. I am practicing Pranayam like bhastrika for 10 minutes, Kapalabhati for 30 minutes, 30 minutes for Anulom vilom and Bhramari for 10 times.


You have not mentioned the details of your health issue. Are you taking any medicines for your heart related issues?

1. You need to do any exercise after consultation with your doctor.

2. Kapalabhati and bhastrika is not recommended for heart patients.

3. If you are doing too much of yoga or pranayama, you may not get any benefit and you may end up stressing the body further.

4. You can practice rhythmic breathing, anulom vilom, ujjayi and bhramri pranayama.

Hope this helps

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Feb 19, 2016
High BP and Anulom Vilom
by: KD

Dear Sir,
I was diagnosed with high BP on November 14, 2015. It was 140/100 and I am 31.9 years old. My physician suggested it is moderately high and the cause was anxiety. Since then, I am on medication Nebicard 5 mg for BP and Nexito 10 mg (anxiety). My father suggested me Anulom Vilom and I started it instantly for 15 mins daily wihout fail. The medicine of anxiety was reduced to 5 mg in a months time :) My physician told me that I am being put on BP medication because of winters approaching and BP is bound to raise with every body in winters. I reduced my weight by 16 Kg and now it is as per my body mass index. I heard in Baba Ramdevs video that one who does Anulom Vilom regularly gets rid of BP medicines in max 3-4 months. Is it true? Also, I do brisk walking for 55-60 mins daily at the average speed of 5.7 Km/hour. Shall I do Anulom Vilom after my walk or before it in the morning? Also, I have to take my BP medicine at 7 am every day, so I eat 2-3 biscuits. Please suggest a correct approach to Anulom Vilom.


Editors Note
Hello KD

1. You are on correct path by losing 16 Kg of weight. Continue your weight loss efforts till you attain your desired weight as per your height, age and BMI.
2. Doing walk is also good for you.
3. If you do regular walks, keep your stress and weight under control, do anulom vilom and eat healthy, you can get over high BP.
4. You can check with your doctor whether you can do walking and yoga before taking medicine. After walking take 5-10 minutes rest and then do anulom vilom pranayama. You may gradually increase the duration of anulom vilom. After anulom vilom, take 5 minutes rest in shavasana. You can do yoga nidra also 2-3 times a week.
5. Keep up your exercise routine for 3-4 months, but do not stop medicine on your own. Please follow your doctors recommendations on any change in medicine dosage.

Hope it helps

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