Did not get my periods?

by Gowri


I am having PCOS problem in my left ovary but not in severe state. I conceived my first child with PCOS by taking medication which led to a healthy baby. It's been three years now we are planning to have 2nd child. I am doing daily suryanamaskar, butterfly exercise and other asanas. Now body has became flexible. This month I did not get my period and it 3rd day today of no sign of period. I am still doing my asanas but in bit delicate way. Can I do kapalabhati after this whole cycle of exercises because I have a habit of doing kapalabhati, bhramari and anulom vilom pranayam? Which asanas are best till I confirm my pregnancy?

Is it common to have some mild cramp like pain in the pelvic muscle that we get when the body has more overheat?

You may carry on with your yoga routine till pregnancy is confirmed. Your yoga practice must include asanas that you can comfortably do. After that you may modify your yoga practice in consultation with a yoga teacher.

For detailed advice you can contact me with more details.


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