Deviated Nasal Septum And Pranayama

by Anonymous

I have deviated nasal septum issue due to which my left nostril is almost blocked. I feel that my inhaling of breath is affected such that the air actually bounces out when it hits my nose. Hence its no use breathing through my nose I feel. Instead, I feel comfortable breathing through my mouth which is not correct as I know it. Please advise.

I am 40 years female and I suffer from hypothyroidism, panic and anxiety attacks due to improper breathing and stress. I am working in front of computer for 8 hours. I am 5' 7 inches tall with 62 kg weight. I am slim but have a pot belly probably due to stress and lifestyle.

I do spiritual meditation and gayatri mantra. I am as such a happy person but needs to get healthier to live a happy life..Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Breathing through the mouth is not advisable. It is not the optimal way of breathing. Also, as one nostril is blocked, breathing continuously through a single nostril is detrimental to your health. Hypothyroidism is also bound to tax your breathing and heart. There is an urgent requirement for you to correct your breathing technique.

A healthy mind can only exist in healthy body. Therefore to overcome your problem of mouth breathing consult an ENT specialist and get operated if surgery can solve the problem.

Although, it is not advised to do pranayama with nose blocked. You can do yoga asanas provided you do not feel uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, you can practice rhythmic breathing, shava asana, yoga nidra and continue practicing meditation to relieve stress.

I advise once again to consult ENT specialist and an experienced yoga therapist.

Hope this helps.

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