Contradiction calorie count and yoga

by Anonymous

One of our readers has pointed out that these statments seems to be contradictory on the webpage about yoga diet "Yoga diet philosophy does not believe in calorie count of foods..." and "Excess of tea and coffee leads to constipation, insomnia and nervousness in addition to extra calories each cup of tea or coffee pumps into our bodies."


1. As per yoga diet philosophy you eat only whatever portions are required for the body. A yogi eats to fullfill the energy needs of body and not to fill up the stomach due to greed. A yogi always eats in moderation and do not eat anything extra just to satisfy the taste buds. Yoga calls for disciplined eating. When eating is disciplined, and you hear to your body, you will never eat more than what is required. A yogi becomes more aware of the food and eats with mindfulness. Therefore, what we can say that:
~ eat with complete awareness
~ eat with moderation
~ do regular exercise
~ avoid high calorie foods
~ do not become obsessed with calorie count if you are satisfied that you are eating healthy nutritious food e.g. vegetables, fruits or nuts.

2. Avoid calories in the form of unhealthy, processed and junk food as these provide only calories and very less of nutrition. Intake of sugar and fats in excess of your requirement get stored in your body as fat.

3. If you drink too much of soft drinks, tea or coffee you end up dumping extra calories in to our bodies which needs to be avoided.

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