Best Pranayama for Cough

by Swathi

What are the different Pranayama techniques to get relief from dry/wet Cough?


Practice of anulom vilom, bhastrika and kapalabhati pranayama will provide sufficient immunity from cough and cold. Once you catch the infection, practice of Bhastrika, Kapalbhati and Ujjai Pranayama is recommended for wet cough. For dry cough and shitali and shitkari Pranayamas are specially useful.

However, if cough interrupts the practicing of pranayama stop and try later.

Also janushirasana, trikonasana, bhujangasana, shalabhasana and tadasana must be practiced.

Alternative Remedies For Cough
~ In all cough conditions, Kunjala and Jal Neti may be performed so that the phlegm accumulated in respiratory tract could be eliminated.
~ Mucus producing diet like milk and milk products should be avoided and light Sattvic diet may be taken.
~ Drinking lukewarm water is also effective in overcoming Cough.
~ Ginger juice mixed with honey is beneficial and may be taken several times a day.
~ Chyawanprash one teaspoon twice daily.
~ Drink tea made by using tulsi, pudina leaves and ginger.
~ Turmeric powder added in milk also helpful for the cough problem.

If somebody is facing frequently with cough problems, chyawanprash and turmeric powder in milk are great immunity boosters.

Hope this helps


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Sep 07, 2017
throat problem
by: Anonymous

Sorry but if there is infection in the throat then don't take any type of these things.specially if you have ulcers in your throat.these honey and
ginger can further increase your problem.
Becoz honey is warm in taseer.

Jun 13, 2011
Remedies for cold and cough
by: Bhoomika

The remedies you have explained for cold and cough are really very effective. I am also very prone to cold and cough, even I follow most of these remedies like drinking lukewarm water, tea with ginger and pudina, turmeric powder in milk.

Along with this steam inhalation helps in relieving cold. Taking the paste of turmeric powder with honey helps in dry cough. I also practice one household remedy - Burn 'elaichi'(Cardamom) on candle flame ('ghee diya'), make powder of it and mix it will little rock salt. Its very good for curing tough cough.

During cough and cold avoid eating fried and refrigerated food.

Sinhasan(Lion roaring), Marjari asan(Cat posture) are also good for curing throat related diseases.

Editors Note
Thanks Bhoomika for such excellent advice..

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