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Yoga for Health, Issue #004
March 31, 2009

Yoga For Health, Issue #004 Mar 2009
This is the monthly ezine from Yoga for beginners a practical guide.

Yoga For Tight Budget

Yoga on a Low Budget. Are you thinking of starting yoga practice? Are you not starting yoga thinking it is not affordable? Some time and money spent on yoga can save you later from lot of diseases. In these times of economic recession, there are available low cost options to start yoga. Though, there are number of books, videos avaiable on yoga, it is recommended to learn at least the basic asanas from a teacher. Hathayoga is the best style for starting your yoga practice. If you are starting on your own do lot of research, read books, take help from yoga DVDs. At least attend some yoga classes to get basic lessons and then adapt your own yoga sequence. You can try this basic yoga sequence which covers the basic asanas and pranayama.

Beginners Yoga Sequence

Your yoga practice must include yoga asanas as well as pranayama.

Economise on Diet. Getting good nutrition is not always costly. With yoga practice, your digestive system becomes more efficient and your daily food requirements will also come down. Make effective use of sprouts, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Yoga Diet

Yoga Answers. I have implemented yoga answers where you can ask questions related to yoga. You can also pitch in and participate with your own comments and share your experiences. Ask your yoga related questions here.

Ask Questions About Yoga

Yoga FAQs

Here are some samples of questions other visitors have asked.

How to lose tummy fat?

Repetition of asanas

How to avoid snoring?

Interactive Yoga. You may be beginner or an expert, you can share your experiences regarding beginners yoga with the world. These interactive pages will help other visitors who may be having similar problems but are hesitant to ask.

Share your yoga stories

Yoga for Constipation. Constipation is the most common disease affecting most of the people. Presence of waste products in the colon is unhealthy and leads to constipation and many other diseases. For getting best results from your yoga practice, yoga philosophy lays great stress on regular bowel movement.

Yoga for constipation

FAQ: Can we drink water before yoga? You can drink a glass of water before starting yoga practice but do not fill up your stomach. Do not drink water while you are doing yoga. Drink water half an hour after doing yoga.

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