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Yoga for Health, Issue #002
August 28, 2008

Yoga For Health, Issue #002 --

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Yoga for health bring you relevant information about how yoga can contribute to better your health and fitness without spending any dollar.

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Yoga for health.

Issue #002, Aug 2008

I must thank all of you for signing up this ezine and keeping up my motivation for writing this newsletter.

Free online yoga course for beginners. I have just launched a free yoga course for beginners. The aim of this course is to explain the basic concepts to yoga to a beginner and how yoga can make your life better. The seven part course has been organised in form of seven e-mails titled as follows :-

~ Start yoga for a healthy life.
~ Essentials for yoga practice.
~ How to start Pranayama?
~ How to start yoga asanas/yoga workout?
~ Yoga for peaceful sleep and good health.
~ Diet and yoga practice.
~ Yoga as a way of life for success.

You can sign for this free course by clicking on this link

Weight loss. Everybody wants to loose weight and all of us have lot of ideas on subject. In addition, there is lot of scope to get confused by multi million dollar weight loss industry. Most of obesity is due to overeating and lack of exercise. No single diet or exercise may help you to loose weight. All of us have different body metabolism, dietary habits, lifestyle. Therefore, study on the subject and make your own blueprint for weight loss. The amount of time we waste on thinking about weight loss can be better utilised by getting out of home and taking a walk to nearby park. Follow a regular exercise routine. You can click on the following link for more information on weight loss.

Here are some guidelines for weight loss:-

~ Permanent weight loss is possible only with strong will power and determination. Self control and strong determination is required for controlling your diet and doing regular exercise.
~ Concentrate more on your fitness, weight will take care automatically.
~ Make a firm decision for weight loss.
~ Change your lifestyle for permanent weight loss.
~ Moderation in diet, adopt a simple nutritious balanced diet comprising mainly of fruits and vegetables.
~ Do regular exercise.
~ Get rid of guilt feeling of being overweight.
~ Start weight loss actions immediately, do not postpone it for tomorrow.

Simplest yoga sequence. If you do not have access to a yoga instructor and want to give yoga a try, you can start with a simplest yoga sequence consisting mainly of pranayama like Deep rhythmic breathing (5 minutes), alom vilom (10 minutes) and kapalabhati (5 minutes or less as long as you feel comfortable) followed by shava asana (5 to 10 minutes). Do not do kapalabhati if your Blood pressure is high. Practice yoga nidra once or twice a week for complete relaxation.

Yoga diet. The principles of yoga diet are very simple and can be applied in our everyday life for better health. It is recommended to eat for nutrition and not for taste. Eat lot of fruits, salads and boiled vegetables. Practice moderation in eating. What you eat will greatly influence your health, weight, energy levels and thinking also.

Some of my friends have told me that the name of my site is too large. Now here is a smaller url you can use to find my site. You can type a shorter name to reach my site htttp://

I will keep you posted about what's new at Yoga for Beginners a practical guide. Your valuable suggestions about this ezine are welcome. You can also suggest topics to be covered in next issues. Wishing you health and happiness !


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