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Yoga for Health, Issue #003
September 30, 2008

Yoga For Health, Issue #003 --

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Issue #003, Aug 2008

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Mental conditioning for starting yoga. Yoga is a discipline where physical exercises (asanas) are closely linked with your mental make up. Yoga asanas and pranayama require total concentratin of mind which can significantly enhance advantages you can get from yoga practice. Try to focus your mind on the organs getting effected while doing a particular asana. Concentrate on your breath while doing pranayama. You can also concentrate on a spot at the center of your eyebrows also known as third eye.

Yoga is essentially cessation of all thoughts and taking control of your negative thoughts. It takes lot of practice to control your mind but it is possible. Persistence is the key to success here.

Self awareness. Yoga philososphy lays lot of stress on self awareness or realisation of your self. This includes continuous efforts to know more about your mind and body. This will help you to
~ Look inside for self analysis and improve your self before blaming others for happenings in your life.
~ Focus more on core issues and disregard unimportant issues.
~ Remove negativity and allow positive thoughts to fill your mind.
~ Be kind hearted and become a noble soul.

Yoga and spirituality. Yoga was designed for spiritual progress by Indian sages. The beauty of yoga is that it can be used by people of any region or faith for their spiritul progress. Spirituality is a universal virtue and it does not depend on what faith you practice, where you live or what type of food you eat. You can read more about yoga and hinduism :

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