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Yoga for Health, Issue #001 -- How to start yoga ?
March 11, 2008

Yoga For Health, Issue #001 -- How to start yoga?

This is the monthly ezine from Yoga for beginners a practical guide.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yoga for health bring you relevant information about how yoga can contribute to better your health and fitness without spending any dollar.

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Yoga for health.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue #001, March 2008

This is the first issue of Yoga for Health. I must thank all of you for signing up this ezine and keeping up my motivation for writing this newsletter.

Free online yoga course for beginners ! I am working on a free online yoga course for beginners. I will send a mail when this course is launched. The seven part course has been organised in form of seven e-mails titled as follows :-

~ Start yoga for a healthy life.
~ Essentials for yoga practice.
~ How to start Pranayama ?
~ How to start yoga asanas/yoga workout?
~ Yoga for peaceful sleep and good health.
~ Diet and yoga practice.
~ Yoga as a way of life for success.

Pranayama for Life. As a beginner, it is ideal to start yoga at a slow and steady pace. Start your journey with yoga by starting pranayama.

~ Have a look at important guidelines before starting Pranayama.

~ For first two weeks, start with 30 minute yoga routine with Rhythmic breathing and Alom Vilom only. Rhythmic breathing is particularly suited for people with busy lives. You can practice rhythmic breathing any time of the day while walking, sitting, waiting for a bus, plane etc. Your breathing should be so gradual that even the person sitting next to you does not notice.

Do you want more information on various types of Pranayama ?

Fix a time for Yoga. Regularity in yoga practice is a must. Once you start yoga, then make it a part of your life to lead a better life. Preferably, earmark a fixed time for yoga, it will help to be regular.

Yoga Asanas for Relaxation. Practicing yoga is an ideal way for relaxation and good health. Yoga asanas for relaxation will give you peace of mind and a good night's sleep.

I will keep you posted about what's new at Yoga for Beginners a practical guide.

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Wishing you health and happiness !

Daljit --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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