Your questions will be answered on this site itself so that others can also read the questions and contribute. We can say yoga answers is similar to interactive yoga forums but main thrust is on problem solving approach.

By commenting on others question, Yoga Answers provides you an opportunity to offer your expert opinion. This way you can help me and my visitors who have submitted a question. All this collective wisdom will make it a valuable resource, problem solving tool for visitors to this site. Check back soon to view the answers. I'll do my best to give my personal reply within 24 hours. Better participation will ensure better quality of answers.

You have the option to upload a photo. Submitting a photo is suggested as it may help to explain your question better. Even otherwise, submitting a picture helps to see who is asking the question.

Important. When you ask your question, please provide information about your age and sex. How long have you been doing yoga? How is your present health? Is your lifestyle sedentary or active? Any stress at work or home? What are your expectations from yoga? It's free and it's easy to participate.

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